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Committed to Us Mar 30

What Are You Committed To?

#Committed Simon G. Jewelry has launched its new ad campaign, centered on the theme of Commitment. Commitment can mean many things to different people. Someone can be committed to family, career, friends, pets, or personal growth. Simon G. knows the worth of commitment over the long term, and our work every day honors our legacy. Our commitment to […]

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MR2697 Jan 05

Retro Glam Pieces

Style is an ever-evolving notion. There is no denying that the styles of the past continue to influence the looks of today. When it comes to adding a few retro glam pieces into your otherwise modern collection of jewelry, we have the three easiest ways to accomplish this goal without looking out of place. Here […]

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Nov 27

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Style

Embed from Getty Images We were so excited to hear about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement! And, of course, we were dying to see what the ring looked like- swoon! Prince Harry designed a very classic yellow gold three stone ring which includes side stones from his late mother’s collection and special center stone […]

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TR656 Oct 14

Fall 2017 Wedding Ideas

While spring is the unofficial season of weddings, a beautiful wedding can happen any season. With each season having its own unique benefits and qualities, brides can find the season that best matches their style and preference. Autumn is a beautiful time for a wedding with the rich textures and vibrant colors. Here are a […]

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yellow diamond pendant Sep 14

 5 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry

Finding the right pieces for your personal collection of fine jewelry can seem overwhelming. Here are 5 things to consider when buying jewelry to help make the process little easier. 1. Know your gold preferences One of the most important aspects is to know your gold preferences. Since gold is the most commonly used metal […]

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vintage style pendant Aug 28

Mixing Modern & Vintage Jewelry

If you love vintage style, you are not alone. While modern styles continue to go through phases of popularity, vintage styles seem to stay at a consistent level. This is partly because true vintage can be a niche market, and also because you know what you’re getting with vintage styles. When you love both vintage […]

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emerald gemstone ring Aug 09

Can A Gemstone Ring Work As An Engagement Ring?

Style is an ever-evolving force. What was once considered a fashion faux pas may just be the hottest trend of today’s fashion scene. With fashions changing at the speed of modern life, it is no wonder many people have questions about what is considered appropriate for an engagement ring for the modern bride to be. […]

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Jul 19

Gemstone And Diamond Jewelry Combinations

Diamonds are one of the most cherished stones in the world of jewelry. They are added to everything from rings and bracelets to watches. While diamonds alone are a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, some of the most popular options on the market are gemstone and diamond jewelry combinations. The darker colored gemstones combined […]

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ruby pendant Jul 01

July Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies have been prized for centuries. Often called the king of gems, this intense red stone represents love, health, wisdom and passion. Wearing ruby was said to bestow good fortune on the wearer. Ruby is a very hardy gemstone due to its rating of 9.0 on the Mohs scale. Before modern gemological science could tell […]

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engagement ring Jun 08

Best Times to Propose

If you’re thinking of popping the question soon to her, it is important to have the timing down so the process is absolutely flawless. While most would say the best times to propose would be on a popular day like Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day, that isn’t true at all. The best time is really […]

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alexandrite Jun 02

June Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, or Moonstone

Lucky June babies get to choose from three birthstones! Both pearls and moonstone come in creamy white hues and glow in soft light. Alexandrite changes color depending on which light it is in: it is purple-red in incandescent light and blue-green in daylight. All of these gemstones are beautiful in their own right. What a […]

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ring serial number May 26

Simon G.’s Serial Numbers Save the Day!

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Simon G. is the individuality and quality of our pieces. These were put to test recently when we were contacted by someone who had found an engagement ring on the ground and was hoping to find the owner. She had seen the tiny engravings that we put […]

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Simon G. Emerald Rings May 02

May Birthstone: Emerald

The birthstone of May is the entrancing emerald. This stone has been prized for centuries for its rich, calming green color. Because emeralds grow in long crystals, they have traditionally been cut into long rectangles. This was actually the origin of name ‘emerald cut’. Even if another gemstone, like diamond or aquamarine, is cut in […]

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Apr 14

Spring Trends with Simon G. Jewelry x Modern Luxury Dallas

The adorable Brighton Keller of Brighton the Day partnered with Modern Luxury magazine to discuss spring trends with Simon G. Jewelry. You’ll see her page featuring our jewels in the April edition of Modern Luxury, as well as on Brighton’s blog. To celebrate this collaboration, we also threw a cocktail party in Dallas with some […]

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Jan 23

Choosing an Engagement Ring with Simon G. Jewelry

Emily featured a ton of beautiful rings on the blog Southern Weddings, along with charming engagement ring shopping stories from the blog’s contributors. Check it out! Can I tell you a secret? For a long time, I was a bit vague about just how engagement ring shopping went down in my relationship. I told those […]

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vintage engagement ring Jan 05

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

When you start looking for a ring for the love of your life, it might be a good idea to look into all of the engagement ring trends for 2017.  Whether you like classic or newer styles, we will help you evaluate the most popular trends for this year. Classic Styles Are Still Loved There […]

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Dec 14

How to Wear Jewelry Like Rihanna

Embed from Getty Images Fashion is an ever-evolving industry that is influenced by time, places and people. But it’s not just governed by designers and models – in terms of the people who inspire change in their field; it’s also determined by those who wear their designs. In doing so, they help transform them by […]

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Dec 09

Fashionably Lo on Holiday Style

We partnered with the wonderful Atlanta fashion blogger Fashionably Lo to create some holiday style inspiration! She showed off some great looks accented by Simon G. jewelry. Take a look! Holiday Style Inspired by Simon G. Jewelry Raise your hand if your favorite part about the holidays is getting to play dress up? Raises. Hand. Slowly. There […]

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Nov 23

10 Rose Gold Jewelry Items That Everyone Will Be Thankful For

Colin Cowie Weddings put together this amazing list of rose gold jewelry in rose gold, perfect for the warm color tones of autumn. Check it out! 10 ROSE GOLD JEWELRY ITEMS THAT EVERYONE WILL BE THANKFUL FOR  The season of giving thanks (and gifts!) has officially arrived.  What better way to show how grateful you […]

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Nov 01

Elle.com feels the Simon G. Love!

Elle + Simon G. = Red Carpet Beauty! Elle.com created a beautiful article detailing accessory trends on the red carpet through the decades.  They included some of our show-stopping pieces that have been celebrity favorites in the past few years. These are paired with adorable illustrations of red carpet style.

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Sep 16

A Travel Editor’s Guide to The Best of the Best

As fall approaches, everyone is looking forward to the holidays and getting their travel schedule lined up. Since Spring and Fall are also wedding seasons, some of you may be considering honeymoon spots or destination weddings. If you are looking into traveling to an exotic locale this holiday season, consider these destinations! Jenna Mahoney, Bridal Guide’s Travel Editor, […]

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Sep 05

Brilliant Bangle Bracelets: How to Mix and Match for Success

Bangle bracelets are the perfect way to complete your look with ravishing style

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Aug 17

Mixed Metal Jewelry: Get an Edgy Look With This Hot Trend

Mixed metal jewelry changes up your look and adds a fun edge – especially when diamonds are in the mix

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Aug 08

Grandiose Engagement Rings: 3 Statement Styles

An impressive engagement ring will make your proposal stunning – and become a jewelry showpiece for the rest of her life.

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Jul 24

Jessica Bishop: Why savvy equals sublime

Jessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride shares her savvy insights on how to plan a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. The Oxford dictionary defines savvy as the ability to make good judgements and when it comes to staying on a budget while planning a beautiful wedding, being savvy is clutch. Meet Jessica Bishop […]

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Jul 08

Why The Brown Diamond Is Divine: 3 reasons to add to your jewelry box

Watch out diamond wearers, the sparkle color palate just got a little more interesting.

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Jun 23

Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez: The Balanced And Sophisticated Bride

Alejandra Baca-Rodriguez, creator of Belle The Magazine, checks in with Simon G. about blogging as a career, bridal fashion, and the one engagement ring mistake you should never make.

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Jun 22

Vintage Jewelry: 3 Unforgettable Styles

Make a statement with art deco and vintage-inspired jewelry.

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Jun 17

A Teacher’s Farewell Pendant

A caring staff gives a beloved teacher a special symbol.

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Jun 15

Dangle Earrings: Break Out Your Inner Beyoncé

Dangle earrings add panache and star power.

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Jun 05

Hammered Metal: Jewelry Trends For Men

Celebrate his manly style with these hammered metal accents.

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Jun 03

Tantalizing Tourmaline Jewelry

These pieces will turn you green with glamour.

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Jun 01

70s Jewelry: Bohemian Splendor And Disco Sparkle

Showcase your inner flower child or dancing queen with these 70s-inspired pieces.

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May 29

Vintage Engagement Rings: Tips For The Perfect Summer Proposal

Surprise your beloved with a stunning and ornate ring.

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May 28

Layered Necklaces: A Lovely Way To Personalize Your Style Statement

Go layered for the lazy days of summer.

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May 27

A Modern Wedding Band For A Modern Man

A man enlists his older brother’s help to find the perfect wedding band.

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May 22

Push Present Jewelry She’s Sure to Love

Gift new mothers with gorgeous push presents post baby.

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May 20

Diamond Fashion: New Ways to Sparkle

Stack them, drop them, or swear by yellow.

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May 18

A Diamond In The Rough And A Gold Bracelet

An unexpected gift helps a woman persevere through the stress of home renovation.

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May 13

Engagement Ring Trends For 2015

Find a ring that’s both fashion-forward and the perfect symbol of forever.

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May 08

Diamond Drop Earrings for Mother’s Day

A fashionable daughter tries to help her mother fine-tune her style with a pair of special earrings.

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May 07

Best Friends and a Pair of Earrings

A pair of earrings symbolizes the fun-loving bond between a pair of best friends.

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May 06

Exquisite Mother’s Day Jewelry

Show your love this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful, gorgeous jewelry surprise.

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May 04

Different Cuts of Diamonds for Three Different Bridesmaids

A woman surprises her wonderful bridesmaids with jaw-dropping jewelry gifts.

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Apr 27

A Chest of Memories and A Gold Ring Design

A rediscovered chest of childhood dreams yields a surprise of real treasure.

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Apr 24

A Purple Gemstone For Our Sister

Two women honor the memory of their youngest sister with a necklace exchange by the sea.

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Apr 23

A Gold Leaf and Long-Distance Love

A couple in love conquers the distance between them.

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Apr 22

2015 Bridal Trends: The Bold and the Floral

Statement pieces and floral jewelry are on trend this year, both on the red carpet and at the altar.

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Apr 20

A Necklace for a New Mother

A surprise pregnancy puts a woman on edge until family wisdom and the power of motherly love erase her fears.

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Apr 17

Meant To Be and Married Forever

A couple marks their fifth anniversary with a look into the past and the long road they walked to be together.

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Apr 16

A Lost Necklace and Found Connection

During spring cleaning, a woman is reunited with a cherished piece of jewelry.

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Apr 09

The Wedding Band Search and the Circle of Love

When a bride’s ring goes missing, two best friends save the day in sentimental fashion.

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Apr 08

A Diamond Design and a Garden of Stories

A new author receives an enchanting gift at her first book signing.

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Apr 07

A Men’s Ring and a Granddaughter’s Memories

A young woman remembers her grandfather’s legacy and ponders the permanence of family fingerprints.

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Apr 06

My First Love and a Flower Pendant

Love blossoms when a young man surprises the girl of his dreams with a special birthday present.

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Apr 03

An Easter Egg Hunt and A Precious Diamond

An Easter egg hunt yields an extra special treat for a woman in love.

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Apr 02

Bracelet Patterns and New Beginnings

A lovestruck man finds inspiration and courage under a dome of stars.

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Mar 31

Turning Thirteen and Newly Pierced Ears

A young girl wishes to emulate her aunt’s style and embrace grown-up jewelry as her birthday approaches.

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Mar 27

A Red Ruby and My Elegant Aunt Victoria

A woman’s sense of beauty, style, and elegance lives on in her loving niece.

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Mar 26

Two Sisters Take Flight

A butterfly pendant connects two sisters and captures childhood dreams.

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Mar 24

A Good Luck Pendant and a Steady Hand

A heart surgeon’s first day on the job is marked by a memorable good luck charm and a mother’s love.

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Mar 20

A Sapphire for Sara

A mother gives her adopted fifteen-year-old daughter a special piece of jewelry to symbolize new family bonds.

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Mar 18

My Grandfather’s Gift of 18K Gold

A woman helps her grandfather prepare a special gift for his beloved wife of fifty years, and learns a special secret in the process.

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Mar 16

A Decoy Engagement Ring and an Unforgettable Proposal Idea

A curious woman gets swept off her feet when her engagement expectations are turned upside down.

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Mar 13

A Gift of Drop Earrings for the Big Debut

A woman’s hard work is celebrated with a special pair of drop earrings from the husband who supported her through it all.

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Mar 11

A Five-Year Anniversary and a Snowy Celebration

A husband’s anniversary surprise is tested by an unexpected snowstorm and a playful turn of events.

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Mar 09

The Rose Gold Ring and Our Gift of Three

A crisis and a blessing remind a couple of the simple yet profound joys that come with being a family.

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Mar 06

A Diamond Reminder for a Mother Who Beat Cancer

A son’s immense gratitude for his mother’s cancer remission is commemorated with a very special piece of jewelry.

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Mar 05

Get The Look: Jewelry Trends From The 2015 Oscars

During awards season, Simon G. Jewelry was honored to work with Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, celebrity stylist, and television host on E! and Project Runway. While covering the Oscars for E!, she wore stunning pieces of Simon G. jewelry and observed the celebrity fashions up close and personal. Here, she analyzes the major red carpet jewelry trends and shares how to get these star-worthy looks for yourself.

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Mar 03

Two Girls, One Bangle, and Life’s Important Moments

A precious bangle bracelet, passed back and forth between two women, marks the passage of milestones and the importance of friendship.

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Feb 27

The Golden Circle and Their Only Daughter

Two parents reflect on the passage of time as they prepare to send their only child to college.

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Feb 25

A Pet’s Eternal Memory and A Piece of Modern Jewelry

A woman searches for the perfect way to console her best friend after the loss of a beloved canine companion.

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Feb 23

A White Gold Bracelet and a Father-Daughter Bond

A father-daughter bond forged through years of caring is encapsulated by the perfect gift of white gold.

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Feb 20

Celebrity Jewelry Trends at the 2015 SAG Awards

Celebrity stylist Jeff K. Kim talks about his favorite celebrity jewelry from the SAG red carpet. Several stars sparkled in Simon G.

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Feb 18

Wedding Proposals and Wild Horses

A woman’s greatest fear is transformed by the magic of a special moment.

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Feb 16

Great Love Stories: Isabelle’s Engagement Ring

We search for the essence of our loved ones in the gifts that we give them. An engagement ring offers one man the chance to reflect on the essential beauty of the woman he loves.

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Feb 14

A Green Gemstone and the Best Days

A welcome surprise nourishes the bond of marriage and stokes the fire of romance for a woman spending Valentine’s Day alone.

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Feb 13

Tea, Honey Cake, and An Aquamarine Birthstone for My Mom

A place, a taste, and a piece of jewelry combine to create a powerful homage to a forgotten history.

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Feb 11

A New Tradition and A Ruby Legacy

The birth of a baby beckons us to create new traditions and legacies of beauty that will last for generations.

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Feb 10

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift From My Five-Year-Old

A daughter’s elegant Valentine’s Day gift fills a mother’s heart with unexpected joy, and encapsulates the thoughtful nature of children.

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Feb 04

My Perfect Wedding Proposal and Engagement Ring

A wedding proposal represents a promise of love between two people, and an engagement ring brings that promise to life.

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Jan 25

Sunsets and New Jewelry Designs: How Venice Wished Me Happy Birthday

Celebrating a birthday alone and abroad calls for a very special gift: to fill a party of one with wonder, beauty, and self-worth.

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Jan 18

A Film, A Foreigner and A Ring of Friendship

This stone marks the end of a beautiful chapter–and the strength to start the next.

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Jan 11

A Jewelry Education: My Dad’s Secret Earring Wisdom

True love can speak its own language. These earrings were more than gold and diamonds, they were a hidden message of admiration.

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Jan 04

Simon G.: Hand-Crafted Memories Preserved in Stone

What happens in a moment?

In a moment, you can hear yourself saying “I do” and suddenly, you have gained a partner for life. In a moment, the ring that your great-grandmother cherished, passed down through the generations, becomes yours.

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