Mosaic Collection

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Glamorous and gleaming, our Mosaic Jewelry Collection is the ultimate for jewelry connoisseurs. Lustrous mosaic-set diamonds, rose gold details, and fancy yellow diamonds are a few of the features that make this collection special.

Give her something she will treasure forever when you present her with one of these beautiful pieces. They are instant eye-catchers and create a mesmerizing beauty and attraction that accessorizes well with almost every personal style.

No one ever said that a diamond ring should only adorn your left hand. Our large collection of right-hand styles will add a little sparkle to both hands and make her the happiest girl around. These are perfect styles to wear every day but are elegant enough to dress up and wear to a formal event.

Every woman loves a beautiful diamond ring, but what is even better is if they’re lucky enough to have a completely coordinated look to go with it. The Mosaic Jewelry Collection from Simon G. features bracelets, earrings, and pendants that go together perfectly to create the look of her dreams.

Since each piece in the entire collection compliments each other with the different cuts and styles, it is easy to mix and match pieces that she will adore. Since they are not in a standard setting, buy her beautiful earrings for the holidays and surprise her with a matching bracelet a few weeks later – “just because.”

Gorgeous yellow-toned precious stones and stunning rose gold accents are a few of the small details that separate this collection from the others in our catalog. The intricate details on each piece and the popular and timeless halo look are also features that make this collection so popular and so outstanding.

If you love the styles of the collection but can’t decide which piece is right for you, there is always the option to custom make your own. Because Simon G. creates all of the Mosaic Jewelry Collection in-house, many customizations are possible. Let her be the talk of the town when you shower her with individual style. Contact your nearest retailer by using the Where to Buy button on this website, and discuss exactly how you can make the accessory of her dreams become a reality.


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