Nocturnal Sophistication

The glamour and excitement of opening night, city lights, a bottle of champagne. Walking home from a night on the town, heels clicking on the sidewalk, diamonds sparkling on your fingers. The ultimate in elegance and refinement. Combining the cutting edge of fashion and technology to create innovative and beautiful designs. This is what inspires the pieces found in our Nocturnal Sophistication Collection. The collection is comprised of stunning, proprietary Simon-set pieces, which replicate the look of invisible set diamonds. Expanses of princess cut diamonds sparkle in these show-stopping jewelry items.

This incredible collection is made of pieces featuring an expanse of princess cut diamonds set with our patented Simon Set technique. This distinctive technique gives the look of a solid plane of diamonds while ensuring the safety and security of each and every stone.
There is nothing more classic than a traditional princess cut diamond ring. This timeless style of precious stone is the perfect selection to be featured in your engagement or bridal set, and will have her loving and treasuring her jewelry for years to come.

While these designs are often known for their large role as the center stone of engagement bands, they are also featured in many other designer bands and right-hand bands as well. The square shape gives them a different feeling than the round precious stones you find in many jewelry pieces and helps to make the band a little more unique.

While round stones are still the most popular shape to date, princess cut diamond rings are a close second. These timeless pieces have only been around since the 1960s but can be harder to find because they are hewn from such high-quality raw stone that it is not as easily found in nature.

This is the perfect stone to place in a variety of settings. They are known for their clarity and look great in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold settings. Simon G. also has a variety of two-toned settings that bring the best of both worlds to you.

If you have your heart set on a beautiful princess cut diamond ring but just aren’t falling in love with anything in our catalog, don’t fear. Simon G makes all of his jewelry in-house, which gives him the flexibility to customize almost all of his pieces, and gives you the chance to modify and design the engagement jewelry of your dreams. Mix and match gold colors with carat size and accent stone settings to have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind band to give to the woman who means so much to you.

Simon G. jewelry is only found in select high-end retailers. To find the closest location to you, please use the retailer locator at the bottom of the page to obtain a custom quote or to see and purchase the existing piece you love the most. Show her how much you love her with a perfect princess cut diamond ring.


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