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It is a difficult feat to replicate the beauty of the natural world. The subtle nuances of flowers and leaves are what gives nature a timeless appeal. Our Floral Garden Collection highlights the intricacy of plant life and transforms it into a number of classic pieces, perfect for your—or your significant other's— seasonal look.

We've taken the seemingly ordinary leaf and made it a mainstay design element in our Garden collection of jewelry. Several offerings take the shape of a leaf crafted from 18k gold, with each vein fashioned in stunning detail. These leaves are available as pendants or earrings, with two diamonds inlaid in your preference of white or rose gold. For a more burnished look, our earrings are sure to charm and excite, with round white diamonds glittering about on a rose and white gold leaf.

Engagement and everyday rings are striking inclusions in the Garden fine jewelry collection, making them unexpected and memorable. From engagement rings adorned with beautiful leaves and flowers, to one rather unique ring, which boasts white, yellow, and brown diamonds meticulously set into an organic 18k white gold design, we guarantee you will discover a truly rare, extraordinary piece.

With leaves come flowers of all varieties in the natural world, and we've crafted the raw beauty you've come to love in our nature themed designer jewelry. An assortment of our rings allows the flower to act as the centerpiece, with delicate leaves supporting it on the band, making the piece feel alive. If flowers are more in line with what you need, this design is incorporated in select pendants, bracelets, and earrings. In our floral earrings is where you will find the sole use of black diamond in this collection—a set worthy of becoming a family heirloom.

Accentuating a seasonal outfit with a gorgeous piece from the floral Garden Collection will garner adoration from friends, family, and onlookers alike. Like nature and all it has to offer, these nature fine jewelry pieces will always be on trend and perfect for any occasion. If you have questions regarding this collection, please contact us and we will further assist you. We are dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one.