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It can be quite the challenge to be unique, especially in today's world where being different is a new trend. We asked ourselves, why not diverge from what is popular and create beautiful pieces that offer something brand new? Our Modern Enchantment jewelry collection has a selection that is truly novel in design. With an almost whimsical appeal to this collection's jewelry, we've given enchantment our own twist.

With overlapping segments, stacked spheres, feather and droplet designs, and many more unusual looks, the Modern Enchantment fine jewelry's ring offerings are chic enough to stand out. Included in this collection is a hand cuff, featuring a feather shape with white and brown diamonds. Fitting around the palm of the hand, this ring is excitingly atypical. Another ring appears as a rose and white gold spiral, perfectly curling around the finger with two round white diamonds at the end of each spiral.

Like rings, bangles do a wonderful job of accentuating the hand to really pull an outfit together in an elegant, but bold way. Our bangles in this collection range from slender, polished selections of gold, to wider band options with a greater diamond count. Others do a wonderful job of standing apart, with woven gold making up the bangle and diamond accents. One piece even has a lovely red ruby center affixed to a rose and white gold bangle!

Outside of the hands, earrings can give your face a finishing touch that brings out your best qualities. We have myriad offerings in our Modern Enchantment designer jewelry collection that will attract compliments no matter where you go. One pair of earrings in our collection look almost like question marks, the top of them coming to an arc and the bottom featuring a circular cluster of white diamonds. Several are inspired by water droplets, flowing around in a hoop shape, with a specific pair designed as delicate teardrop glittered with white diamonds and bright Paraiba tourmaline gemstones. Others take their form as spirals, ribbons, waves, and stacked circles.

No matter how you choose to create your unique look, our Modern Enchantment collection will aid you in your quest. With us, we guarantee you will look undeniably you. If you have any questions regarding this collection, or if you're interested in learning more about creating your own spin on enchantment, we'd love to talk to you.