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Cushion cut gemstones are unusually beautiful, having garnered much of their popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries. Once called old mine cut, cushion cut diamonds get their contemporary name from their shape—a square with rounded edges. This looks similar to a pillow, which is why it was deemed a cushion. This style still holds on to its popularity with its now traditional appeal. Our collection of cushion engagement rings offers pieces that have that timeless look about them.

The cushion cut is one of those styles that looks stunning with a halo. These cushion engagement rings feature a ring with a double halo enshrining a cushion cut diamond. The halos and the band of the ring are lined with white diamonds. This offering is available in 18k white and rose gold, as well as platinum. Each metal option is striking when paired with the cushion cut gemstone. The platinum is our most luxurious option for this showstopping ring. One unique option is shown with white gold and a yellow stone. Since these rings do not include a center diamond, the choice is yours when deciding what kind of stone to complete it.

One of the best qualities of this cushion engagement ring is the ease in which a wedding band can fit against this ring. You will find that with some types of engagement rings, the wedding band doesn’t fit naturally to the ring, creating a gap between the two. That won’t be an issue with this offering. The wedding band is a sleek, white diamond inlaid piece that seamlessly fits with the cushion cut diamond ring. Together, they’re a delicate completed set that will stand the test of time and trends.

Our cushion cut engagement rings will thrill your fiancé-to-be with their classic elegance that seems to never go out of style. If you have any questions about this collection or would like to discuss creating your own customized cushion cut ring, please contact us. We’ve designed countless personalized rings for people just like you. We strive to make your experience with Simon G. a pleasant and memorable one.