A New Tradition and A Ruby Legacy

The birth of a baby beckons us to create new traditions and legacies of beauty that will last for generations.

Pregnant woman

The birth of new traditions in the wake of fond memories. Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons, user AP Photographie

How we are known and treasured by family

Rose was the “girl with the good memory”. That’s what her family called her, at least. Her grandmother would frequently summon Rose into the center of family discussions to settle debates and confirm remembered details—her familiar ruby pendant and her eyes winking all the while.

“Where’s our girl with the good memory?” she’d call. “Rose remembers everyone’s best moments,” she’d say proudly. And no one disagreed.

It has been a long time since Rose’s grandmother graced their large family gatherings with her buoyant presence. Rose remembers her fondly, along with the fiery oval-cut pendant her grandmother treasured but has since disappeared.

From grandmother to granddaughter the beautiful ruby necklace was passed down for generations, finally landing in the hands of Rose’s twinkly-eyed grandmother.

Lost history and new family beginnings

Once Rose learned that she and her husband were expecting a daughter, Rose’s “good memory” hearkened back to her beloved grandmother and that ruby pendant—what happened to it? What jewelry legacy would be left for her own daughter?

For years, Rose’s grandmother kept the ruby pendant in a fireproof safe, along with her document of citizenship, her favorite pearl earrings, and her husband’s WWII tags. But in the last three months of her life, as her memory disintegrated and panic rushed in around the melting pieces, she emptied the safe and stowed the contents somewhere else—somewhere no one could find them. Rose’s grandmother was unable to recall that “safe” place in her final weeks, before she moved on.

A new tradition of love, a new legacy of rubies

On a morning after her pre-natal yoga class, Rose daydreamed once more of the lost ruby pendant.

These thoughts followed her home, where she was greeted by the scent of raspberries, chocolate, and her husband—wearing flour on his jeans and a satisfied expression on his stubbled face.

“I baked a cake.”

Rose laughed and touched his shoulder. “Since when do you bake cakes?”

Her husband’s blue eyes shimmered. “When I was little,” he said, “my mom used to make this incredible chocolate raspberry layer cake for our birthdays. She never made it any other time of year. Just on our birthday.”

Rose smiled and moved her hand to her belly, thinking lovingly of the new birthday they would soon celebrate together.

Rose leaned forward and told her husband, once more, about the ruby pendant. She admitted that she was sad not to have a tangible link to many generations of her family members. She shared how much she wanted to give something like that pendant, of such beauty and importance, to their daughter.

If Rose is the woman with the good memory, Rose’s husband is the man with the big heart. He pulled his laptop off the desk and scooted close to Rose at the table and beamed at her.

“Where did you find that necklace?” Rose asked, astonished. “It looks so much like my grandmother’s!”

“I’m starting a new legacy,” he smiled. “We’re going to pass down something precious through generations of our family to come.”

“Starting with her,” Rose whispers and this time it’s her husband’s hand that touches the center of Rose’s belly.

“Starting with her.”


Life is a series of moments, each one fleeting.

At Simon G., we preserve your moments faithfully using the language of jewelry.

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