Our Process

Find out what makes us special.

It begins with a sketch that’s refined until a design is discovered. From there, a CAD model is developed to observe the design concept in 3-D. In this phase, endless hours are spent reviewing every aspect of the design, from the stones to the settings, until our vision is accomplished.

Focus on Quality

As a concept is formed in reality, it is monitored in 10 separate quality-control stations. Metals are alloyed to ensure enduring craftsmanship. Details are celebrated in the complicated beadwork, filigree, and engraving that set our pieces apart. When working with white gold, we also alloy with palladium, which minimizes the allergens and helps retain true color.


Setting Diamonds

All of our micro-set diamonds are hand set and then inspected under microscopes by seasoned artisans who work within one of three disciplines: pavé settings, channel settings, or prongs. This ensures that all diamonds are securely fastened and that they reflect light exactly as conceptualized. Additionally, unlike many in the industry who use glue to set diamonds or set them using only two prongs, we go a step further and use four prongs to protect diamonds and prevent stones from falling out.


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