Choosing the Right Engagement Ring


Where to Start

Many men do not know how to go about the process of looking for an engagement ring at first. It’s important to do your research and know what you’re getting into before you make the purchase. There are many ways to go about how to choose the right engagement ring. We will provide the knowledge you need to make a great choice.

Find Her Style

It’s important to talk to her mom, or a close friend, to figure out what style she prefers. Some couples talk about it, or she shows him some rings that she likes, and he can get an idea. Whether you want to keep it completely private and unknown, or talk about it to get the best idea, that is up to you. It really varies by couple and how they go about it, but it’s important to find out what she likes. One of the first steps would be picking from the various colors of metals. That includes gold, white gold, and platinum. Once you know which one is best for her, you can really ramp up the process.

Learn the 4 C’s

The next step in learning how to choose the right engagement ring would be to learn about the 4 C’s. Cut, carats, color, and clarity. The cuts are usually available in round, square, emerald, and cushion just to name a few. Picking the right one is crucial. Carats are equally as important, and the bigger you go, the more expensive it is. Typically rounding out at one or two carats can make it more expensive, you can save up to 20% if you come right underneath it. For example, purchasing a ring that is .90, or 1.90 carats should provide the best value. That much of a difference isn’t noticeable to the naked eye. Diamonds are formed naturally, so there are imperfections on nearly every single one. Clarity affects the ability for the ring to sparkle. The higher grade of clarity, the higher light is reflected, which will also drive up the price. These factors play a big role in how the diamond turns out.

Finishing Touches & Ordering the Right Size

Once you know the size she needs, and the style she prefers, an expert can help you figure out the rest. Be sure to get the ring insured as soon as possible as well, to cover any possible damages. If you don’t want to ask her what size she is to give it away, her mother, or a close friend might be able to tell you. We will make sure you know how to choose the right engagement ring for that special someone in your life.