Shant & Garine's Engagement Story

Last time we met, I had promised to share with you the story of how I proposed to Garine, thanks to the breathtakingly beautiful engagement ring from SimonG. 


As my five year PhD program at the University of Notre Dame came to an end, I knew that the love and support that I had received from Garine over that time was something special. I decided to commit the rest of my life to her by following a Notre Dame tradition. As the legend goes, if a couple walks around the two lakes on the university campus in an infinity pattern while holding hands, then they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together. So, I had saved this special walk for five years, and finally, the day after I successfully defended my dissertation, I felt that the wait was over. We followed that path around the lakes, and then arrived at the bench overlooking this path where we had taken our first selfie five years earlier. Naturally, I suggested that we recreate that selfie, and while she closed her eyes, I opened the ring box with one hand, exposed the ring behind her back, while snapping a photo with the other hand. She had no idea until after I showed her the photo and zoomed in to the beautiful ring! I went down on my knee, told her about the Notre Dame legend of the lovers' path around the lakes, and asked her to spend the rest of our days together. Through tears of joy, and her big gorgeous smile, she said, "Yes!".