Committed to Us

We Celebrate the Power of Two.
Together We’re Able to Dream Bigger and Do More.
We Stand for a Commitment that Not Only Binds Us, but Makes Us Stronger.
Our Jewelry is a Talisman Serving as a Reminder: We’re in this Together.



Committed to Unity

Simon G. stands for equality and the true definition of unity which is a condition of harmony.  We celebrate the power of two.  Together we’re able to dream bigger and do more.












Committed to Joy

Experience Moments That Feel Larger-than-life: The Proposal, A Bold And Breathless Gesture Matched With Jewelry That’s Just As Dazzling.













Committed to Style

Simon G believes that true luxury, like true love, isn’t a thing but a feeling: an undeniably magnetic force that instantly casts a spell on those lucky enough to find it, and leaves the desirous hopelessly devoted to the experience of realizing their aspirations.











Committed to Love

Because Simon G believes that a proposal isn’t a question, it’s adeclaration – “we’re in this together” – of net betterment throughgross connection and sacrificing, where magically or matter-of-factly 1+1 = 3; an added value of love that only a brand that itself has stayed committed could truly know.

Celebrating achievements, love, and life itself with fine designer jewelry is one of the oldest and most widespread traditions in the world. People have been attracted to jewels and gems all throughout history, and it is not surprising. Radiant jewelry is the perfect way to remind yourself of the beauty in life and of great memories. For years, Simon G has been dedicated to providing the highest quality jewelry that will light up any room and capture the hearts of people everywhere.

Whether you are celebrating a marriage with engagement rings or wedding bands, or looking for other jewelry pieces such as bracelets, earrings, and pendants, Simon G. has the finest pieces to choose from. Accentuate the best moments in life with fine designer jewelry that will make the occasion shine and deliver fond memories for years to come. When you give the gift of a beautiful piece of jewelry, you are sure to put a smile on any face.

Browse our excellent selection of designs and find the perfect match for you. We spare no effort in achieving the highest level of craftsmanship and quality, and you will find something to fall in love with in minutes. Whether you are looking for beautiful gemstones, radiant diamonds, or intricate designs, Simon G. offers a variety of options to suit your taste. Check out our Passion collection that offers vibrant colors, or our Garden collection that will remind you of the beauty of nature. The perfect piece is waiting for you!

We are dedicated to providing superior quality and craftsmanship in every item we design. Simon G. can help you find the perfect fine jewelry for your collection. Shopping for the perfect design does not need to be a chore, even if you cannot find something that steals your heart, we will work with you to create custom jewelry that you will love for a lifetime.

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