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Do you love a two-toned look when it comes to your accessories? When you step out wearing your finest accessories do you want them to be unique jewelry pieces? If the answer is yes, then you will love the buckle jewelry from Simon G.

You can expect many admirers and conversations when you rock the TR533 Right Hand Ring. This amazing beauty features a two-toned look with white and yellow gold and a braided belt buckle design adorned with stunning white round cut accent diamonds. You are sure to be the talk of the evening with this ring.

For a simple and classic option, the TB106 bracelet is your go-to accessory. With a different style clasp, it has both white gold and rose gold throughout, along with round cut white diamonds. It is delicate and dainty enough to wear with other pieces, but stunning enough to stand alone as your only accent piece.

If you enjoy the ease of an entire set of unique jewelry pieces, you will absolutely adore the MR1428 Right Hand Ring, the MP1706 Pendant, and the ME1706 Earrings. All three pieces feature the same dramatic design and a mix of both white and rose gold settings. White diamonds surround these pieces, making them really stand out. They are elegant enough that you can easily wear all three pieces together without it being too much, but they can also hold their own style when worn separately. As the ultimate in versatility, they can be dressed up for a fancy night out on the town, or worn with black pants and a blouse for a quieter, more relaxed evening. Regardless of where you wear them, you are sure to look your best with this great collection.

It does not matter if you are looking for a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, or earrings, the amazing buckle jewelry from Simon G is sure to find a great home in every woman’s jewelry box. Offered at only the best of the best when it comes to high end retailers, use the locator button below to find the store closest to you so you can get started collecting our unique jewelry pieces.


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