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Drawing inspiration from the jewelry of the yesterday, our Vintage Explorer collection offers a large assortment of necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets that step away from the modern. With delicate metalwork flourishing each piece with antiqued designs, this collection has one of a kind looks that will become the new centerpieces of your wardrobe.

We offer several gorgeous necklaces and pendants in this Vintage Explorer jewelry collection. One of these necklaces features a trio of yellow and white gold flowers decorated with white diamonds. Inside these flowers is a beautiful mosaic of diamond shapes with a round diamond at the center. With over a dozen pendants to choose from, finding the perfect one to complete your outfit will be a snap. One of our pendants uses teardrop shapes to create a beautiful chandelier design in white gold with glittering white diamonds. Another pendant in this collection allows the metalwork to shine in its filigree design, the white gold meticulously laced throughout the piece.

A number of engagement and wedding rings are included in our vintage fine jewelry, many of which feature arresting bands and stones. Delicacy is the primary characteristic of the majority of these engagement rings, like one featuring white diamond inlaid leaves and stems leading up to the center diamond. Some, however, lean more heavily on the Art Deco period of the 1920s. Using striking baguette diamonds, a few rings allow these stones to make up the entirety of the band, giving the ring an almost seamless appearance. Another engagement ring uses these rectangular stones to adorn its halo and band, alongside exciting round cut pink diamonds. Our wedding band sets emphasize the uniquely designed pieces in this collection using floral and lace inspiration to create mesmerizing finished rings. A particular set even uses floral designs as its band.

To match your necklaces or rings, our earrings in the Vintage Explorer designer jewelry are perfect finishing pieces. Like the chandelier pendant mentioned previously, we offer earrings in the same design. Another pair matches its pendant counterpart with its filigree design. Our earrings are the accompaniments you need to make your outfit a total showstopper.

If you have questions about our Vintage Explorer fine jewelry, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.