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While diamonds are a girl's best friend, colored gemstones are an elegant way to mix things up. Our selection of colored bracelets offers an enchanting take on bold hues, without sacrificing any elements of elegance you expect when shopping Simon G. for your luxury accessories for every occasion.

Our carefully cultivated collection of bracelets features several beautiful options for adding some breathtaking sparkle to your wrist. With our colored designer bracelets, turn heads in styles sure to speak to your tastes by way of artful craftsmanship and detailing coupled with the best in radiant stones. From a delicate bracelet adorned with red rubies for a subtle pop of color to a link chain design featuring a few carefully placed stones, we offer styles perfect for when you want a bit of noticeable sparkle without being too showy for the needs of the occasion. When you need high glamour styles sure to turn heads, our selection of artfully crafted colored diamond bracelets offers several styles to help you set the mood. From our vintage-inspired pieces featuring larger colored stones contrasted with white diamonds to make the color truly stand out to our dazzling yellow oval diamonds in a rose pattern accentuated by the white gold metal and white diamonds for a look that is fit for any style queen, our collection has something for those times when you need a beautiful boldness to rise to the occasion. Regardless of which style staple or stone hue is right for your preferences or occasion, our collection has something sure to delight and dazzle. Every creation we feature is crafted from the highest grade of stones and quality metals of 18k gold to ensure an accessory to meet your high standards. Pouring over every detail and crevice, our designs are created with the utmost of care and attention to every aspect. Experience true radiance and luxury today with these beautiful accessories.

Please contact us with any questions and we will gladly assist you further.