History of Eternity Bands

The history of eternity bands dates back to the old Egyptian hieroglyphics because they believed the bond of marriage was so strong that death couldn’t affect it.  The Egyptian idea of an “eternal” ring, stands for a continuous circle that cannot be broken.  The rings you see today have been inspired by the styles of the past. The modern day style you love was really developed in America during the 1960s by a diamond merchant named De Beers.  His marketing slogan was “she married you for richer or poorer, let her know how it’s going.”  The idea was a hit with the public, and sales skyrocketed.  Now it is often passed onto to children and grandchildren and always cherished.

What Makes It So Special

  • Typically given to the wife after one year of marriage
  • Symbolizes never ending love and commitment
  • It can symbolize a significant date like the birth of your fist child, or an important date in your relationship
  • Very romantic and thoughtful
  • Can be passed down to future generations

Current Styles

Two Main Styles:
  • Half-Eternity Ring-  Has stones set across the top half of the ring, but allows larger stones for the price, since they only sit at the top of the ring.
  • Full Eternity Ring- Known for being more beautiful and luxurious.  Stones go all the way across the ring, making it shine more than most other rings. It is generally more expensive.


This is traditional piece of jewelry that stands out above the rest.  Having these diamonds or gems going all the way around the ring makes it truly special.  The history of eternity bands has helped shape the way they look, and how they’re designed today. It has so much history behind it which makes it even more impressive. There is nothing more romantic than this.